On the 28-29th of November will be held Free Generation Forum. It is an open platform for discussion present, past and, most importantly, the future of a free Ukraine. Experts from around the world will share their views with those who influence on the future – with the first free generation that grew up in the former Soviet Union.

Let’s talk about the relationship between people and state, creator and officials, private initiative and regulatory barriers. Why reforms don’t occur as fast as we would like? How dangerous populism? Did the world became freer? Let’s talk about the good – how to save, and the bad – how to fix it.

The first day will be devoted to Ukrainian reforms, the second – freedom throughout the world. On the forum will be:

Volodymyr Fedorin, former editor of Ukrainian Forbes, author of «Goodbye, Empire! Discussions with Kakha Bendukidze», co-founder of Bendukidze Free Market Center
Andriy Illarionov, President of the Economic Analysis Institute, a senior fellow at the Cato Institute (USA)
Yaroslav Romanchuk, the head of Mises Center, author of more than a thousand articles and six books of economics, ex-presidential candidate in Belarus
Johan Norberg, Swedish political scientist and historian, a research fellow at the Cato Institute, author of the bestselling book «In Defense of Global Capitalism»
Tom Palmer, the Vice-president of international programs at the Economic Research Atlas Fund, author of «The morality of capitalism» and «Peace, Love and Freedom. How to live without wars»

Organizer: online magazine reeD

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